bearded man reading and smoking a pipePeter G. Epps is an English teacher, scholar, and poet, whose life as a preacher’s kid, self-taught programmer, philosophy enthusiast, avid reader, and lover of words is a gift too gracious for him. Travelling Europe for a semester and living in Japan for three years was a shocking surplus. Being received into full communion with the Catholic Church at Easter 2011, and marrying his friend and fellow Fencing Club Armorer in July 2011, wrought even more fundamental changes in Peter’s thought and life. He owes a great deal, and wants more.

This blog definitely does not purport to represent the views of my employers, my parish, or even my wife. I do respect the views of others, and their right to give reasons for their understandings, even as I strive to respectully but clearly represent my understandings in light of the authorities under which I stand–first and foremost, those of the Word of God as expressed in Sacred Tradition.


Respectful, gracious comments welcome. Any comment may be deleted if I think it prudent.

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